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Mixed Print Sample Pack


At Eliza May Prints we offer three ranges of printing. Traditional hot foil, digital foil and digital printing. We recommend ordering a Mixed Foil Sample pack so that you can take a look at all 3 options and decide which one works best for you. Inside the Sample pack you will receive:

  • 1 Traditional Hot Foil Sample
  • 1 Digital Foil Sample
  • 1 Digital Printing Sample

Traditional Hot Foil

Traditional Foil Blocking is the most expensive process as it uses custom made heated plates which are hot pressed onto the card. This method leaves a gorgeous luxury finish on the card leaving the foiled elements slightly debossed and textured. This process works best on a range of cards and paper stock including textured and matte card. There's a huge choice in colours of foil for this process.

Digital Foil

Digital Foil is a more budget friendly option if you're looking to add some luxury shine to your stationery.  Digital foil is printed with black ink which the foil then adheres to, it has a smooth mirror finish.  Digital foil is available in Gold, Silver or Rose Gold foil. Due to the nature of the digital foiling process you can get very slight imperfections in the foil occasionally. 

​Digital Printing

Digital printing is a full colour process, perfect for illustrations and designs with a range of colours.  Digital printing is the most budget friendly option but it does not include any foil elements, though digital printing can be combined with foil printing if you wish to have both. There are a wide range of card and paper stock that can be used for digital printing. 

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